About Georgie



Autoimmune Disorders

Hormonal Balancing

Digestive wellness

Athletic Nutrition

Pain Management

Diet and Detoxification

Weight Loss

General Health Management

Georgie is a an experienced Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist who has a special interest in auto-immune conditions, gut health, hormones, weight loss, athletic nutrition and is also experienced in all areas of general practice.

Georgie strives to understand (and help her patients to understand) and correct health issues by identifying their root cause.  She does this through a unique blend of the best of naturopathic and integrative medicine. Her passion for educating her clients is both inspirational and effective.

Georgie is passionate about focusing on the person, not the disease hence optimizing wellness rather than disease management.  She values her relationships with her clients as a long-term, trust-centered, and collaborative partnership.  Georgie brings her naturopathic expertise to guide, coach, and inspire you; you bring your expert knowledge of you, your willingness, and your enthusiasm for living life to its fullest.  

Georgie provides a caring holistic approach to her clients, by providing a thorough and professional service including comprehensive health assessments. All of her clients receive individualised dietary, lifestyle and wellness advice in addition to using herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.

Georgie graduated from the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, the oldest accredited naturopathic college in Western Australia as Best Graduating Clinician amongst other Clinical excellence awards, and has an intimate beachside clinic in Madora Bay.

To complement her practice, Georgie also offers massage, fine needling, iridology, flower essences, reflexology and homeopathy​.


When not practicing naturopathic medicine, Georgie enjoys spending time with her husband and four amazing boys.  Her passion for exercise, gardening, reading, cooking and just enjoying life to the full keep her life balanced and stress free.